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At Virtue Capital Management, our clients are our top priority, and it is our duty to assist them in meeting their financial goals.  No matter where you want to go in life, professional financial planning can help to get you there with confidence. Virtue’s operates using a time-tested, holistic approach that takes into account all of the financial aspects of your life, including your net worth, risk tolerance, time horizon, life goals, legacy plans, income needs and tax situation.


Regardless of your current personal circumstances, whether single and planning for college, married and planning for children, or older and planning for retirement, there are many questions to be asked. Virtue Capital is here to answer them.


Working with a Virtue Capital Management Investment Advisor will allow you to have qualified professional assistance in answering your questions, giving you the confidence to face what’s yet to come in your financial future.



For our wealth management clients, along with services that typically fall into our financial planning models, we can provide asset protection strategies, charitable and philanthropic services, stop loss strategies and overall risk management.



At Virtue Capital Management, we endeavor to produce exceptional long-term performance for our customers by using numerous asset classes within an overall diversified approach to investing. We employ a disciplined investment method that provides flexible asset allocation within many models, resulting in extensive diversification tailored to meet and even exceed your financial needs.





Virtue Capital Management clients who wish to generate regular income can take advantage of one of our income models.  Assets are allocated within financial products designed to create income. For the clients who want to be able to “live off their money,” whether these clients are retired and need to augment other sources of income, such as a 401(k) or pension plan, or are looking for income to make retirement home or education payments, this class of investment model may be a viable solution for your investing needs.



The ultimate goal for a growth model portfolio client is to build his or her wealth over the long term and seek capital appreciation. Within this group of models there are choices for each client depending on the level of risk he or she is comfortable with and exactly where he or she is in life.  These portfolios include plans that have income portions that balance the growth aspects to aggressive growth models that may be suited to younger investors who have longer timeframes to absorb fluctuations in the market.  Growth models may slowly transition to balanced or income models over the years through the sale and purchase of different assets or may be cashed out at a particular time or goal amount and reinvested in an income model for clients who are nearing or entering retirement .



Risk mitigation is a risk management strategy Virtue Capital Management utilizes in its Virtue Stop Loss portfolio model. This "safety valve" automatically withdraws investors from their equity positions when their investment loss hits a predetermined tolerated amount. At Virtue, we utilize this safety valve to enhance both the creation and preservation of wealth for our investor clients, giving them greater control over the outcome of their investments.





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